I believe good food should be available on any diet. However, a gluten free diet creates its own challenges. Being Coeliac is not a lifestyle choice, so I’m really passionate about getting as many chefs as possible to understand Coeliac disease. Through that increased understanding, we empower more chefs to support people to eat well.

I’ve been working with Coeliac UK for a number of years now to create great gluten free recipes, and we’ve tried where possible to expand the horizon for those on a gluten free diet. I’m especially pleased when we get to work with foods that people following a gluten free diet might otherwise miss.

It’s not just about the standard gluten free alternatives – sponges, cakes, and bread. It’s about the meals associated with different lifestyles and cultures and giving people recipes to create those meals to suit them and their families.

It’s an area I’m happy to talk about, so if you want to talk gluten free – or you’re interested in gluten free recipes – get in touch here!