About Louise

Louise WebshotI love what we do at Delicious By Design. This business has allowed me to put into practice some of the views I’ve had for a long time about how food should be.

There should be no barriers to good food. For me everybody has it in them to create good simple fresh tasty food if they wish.

Great eating and food habits are learned early, and we should be influencing children to eat well at an early age. We should also be giving them the skill set and the confidence to cook before they leave home.

I love the challenge of specialist diets, and creating great food suitable for coeliac sufferers is a personal passion.

I’ve worked in the food industry in chef, development, sales, and sales management roles, and so I understand the industry and channels, and how to make them work. The trend in the industry towards solutions is a great opportunity for food organisations to engage with their customers and really add value.